Two best friends whisper secrets to each other while sitting at an outdoor cafe.
10 Best Friend Secrets That Make Your Friendship Everything It Is


While having similar interests and a shared sense of humor can be a great start, it's really the trust you have between you and a friend that determines if they're best friend material. You don't share secrets with just anyone — they are meant for your best friend. BFFs are the people you feel so comfortable with that you can open up about anything and everything to. The moment you reach best friend status, it's like the flood gates have opened and the best friend secrets can start pouring out. And what a great feeling it is to have that person in your life.

It's a no-judgement zone between you — a safe haven where anything and everything can be shared. If you didn't have that trust between you two, your friendship wouldn't be genuine. The loyalty you share, and the special information you can entrust with one another, is what separates your relationship from other friendships.

When you are true best friends, your friendship is made stronger every time you share these best friend secrets with each other. From your crushes to your biggest fears, these may seem like obvious secrets to share with a friend, but you really only feel comfortable telling every little detail to your number one.

You Always Know Their Office Crush

Even if you don't work together, your best friend tells you everything about their job. You know all the gossip and office drama, but the juiciest piece of info your bestie has told you is who they have a crush on. There's just something so fun about talking about crushes that you live for the daily updates.

You Also Know Their First-Ever Crush, And Everyone In Between

On top of knowing who your bestie is currently crushing on, you also know their first-ever love. In fact, you know everyone they've ever liked. Whether you were there or not, you love hearing all the stories from your best friend. It's cute, but also tells you so much about what kind of person they're looking for (and the kind they're not looking for), so you can help play matchmaker if necessary.

You Know Personal Things About Their Bae

If your best friend is in a committed relationship, you may know more things about their partner than anyone else does. Your friend just needs someone to confide in, and they trust you with this info. Obviously, you would never reveal the stories you hear to anyone else. Too much information does not play a part in a best friendship.

You Know What They Love And Absolutely Hate

It's your duty to know everything there is about your best friend. You know everything they love, but you're also aware of everything your BFF hates. That could be a mean coworker or just the movie that everyone else can't stop raving about. You know so much about your bestie that you could write a tell-all book.

All The Conspiracy Theories They Actually Believe In

There are some things you and your best friend think about or believe in that you wouldn't want anyone else to know about. Conspiracy theories might fall under that category. You both have had late-night convos where you talk about the meaning of life and other deep discussions. That no-judgement zone, remember?

Their Biggest Fears That Keep Them Up At Night

Your friend may be afraid of spiders or dark rooms, but you're also aware of their bigger internal fears. For instance, knowing that your best friend may fear they're not where they should be in life — whether it's financially or relationship-wise — is your chance to be their ultimate cheerleader.

All The People They Secretly Can't Stand

It's fun and such a relief to vent to your best friend. Knowing that there's trust between you two makes it so much easier for your bestie to let you know who they really can't stand. That way, it makes it easier for you to avoid what's annoying.

Their Favorite Childhood Stories

Going on a trip down Memory Lane is fun when you have someone to take a stroll with you. Whether you've been best friends since you were kids, or you just met recently, you still know everything there is to know about your BFF's childhood. They've shared all their embarrassing stories and funny family traditions, so you feel like you're basically siblings.

You Know What They'd Really Like To Do On Saturday Night

Sometimes when you get invited to a party on Saturday night, you'd much rather curl up on your couch and watch TV. When you know your bestie so well, you can tell when they'd rather have a chill night in, too. That's why you know when they say in the group chat they're "not feeling well," it's really code for they'd rather stay at home and watch Netflix with you instead.

All Their Biggest Dreams

As BFF, it's your job to be a great support system for your friend. That's why you know their biggest dreams. Your friend is able to confide in you what they really want to do in life, and it's your job to take that info and encourage them any way you can.