Download These 10 Apps To Make The Most Of Your Next First Date

I would give all my dollars and maybe even my cat in exchange for a magic app that would make any date a great date. (Wait. I take the cat part back.) If only such a thing existed... but running a close second are apps that can absolutely help make your dating life easier. When you're considering downloading apps for a great first date experience, think about the basics, like getting there and staying in communication with your date.

After those basics are covered, you can get creative and use apps to avoid potentially awkward moments, like forgetting your wallet once you go to pay for the round of drinks you said were your treat, or blanking on a great spot to bar-hop to next. Whatever you need, "there's an app for that." So when you think of things you need to have before heading to a date, you might think of pants, money, and knowing your date's name. Let's add to that list. Here are a few of my favorite apps to equip yourself with when heading out for a first date.

Waze / Google Maps

While these apps won't guarantee you'll know exactly where you stand with your date, you'll at least know exactly where you are in the world! Being familiar with your surroundings is Safety 101, and having Waze or Google Maps guide you to your date, to date spot number two, or safely back home is very useful.

Uber / Lyft

Your ride-sharing app is a total necessity because it obviously helps you get to your date. But more importantly, can help you get away from your date. For those of us who prefer to walk on the overly cautious side of the street, not having your date pick you and therefore know where you live is a smart move. Even if you and your date carpooled/shared an Uber/rode the same horse to your date spot, having a ride-sharing app means you can exit whenever you choose to.


While you should always keep some cash on you just in case of an emergency like a power outage or the zombie apocalypse, carrying cash is becoming less and less common. So when it comes time to split the bill, Venmo is a super easy way to chip in and do that Dutch thing. Also, if your drinks date turns into meeting other friends out at another spot, Venmo is a great way to avoid the headache of splitting the bill a zillion ways.

A Game

I have a friend who always arrives 20 minutes early for a date. She sometimes has a pre-date drink while waiting, but more often than not will either text me incessantly or play a game on her phone until her date arrives. Mindlessly Candy Crushing or playing all your tiles in a Words With Friends game might calm your pre-date jitters, and if your date happens to be late, gives you something fun to do while they battle traffic to get to you.

Heads Up

I was once on a date at a sports bar and the guy and I were waiting for what seemed like forever for some fries and drinks. As the conversation hit a small lull, I busted out the game app Heads Up and we started playing. Turns out, my date was an incredible at charades! Whether it's a trivia game or puzzle game, download one a group game app to your bag of tricks, just in case of a lull-mergency.

Dating App You Matched On

The dating app you matched on might be the only way you have to communicate with your date, so you definitely want to have that handy. Also, if you've gone a few dates with this person but they've updated their profile in the meantime, that means (according to one of my most app-savvy single gal pals) your date is actively still on the hunt... so take that with a grain (or 10) of salt.

Dating App You Didn't Match On

Listen. Sometimes your date is as exciting and chemistry-crackling as a bowl of cold oatmeal, but you stuck it out like a champ and kindly parted ways. Now you didn't put on pants and blow out your hair for nothing, so grab your phone and give a new app a try. If the night is young, there's a chance you might just manifest an impromptu date with, at the very least, a warm bowl of oatmeal.

Marco Polo / Facetime

If you're like me, you probably can't help but Facetime your BFFs and download everything post-date. Marco Polo is a great way to have a video text thread running with a bunch of friends at once, and hey! If you wanna introduce your date to your crew, no better way than via a quick vid! Both of these apps help keep your friends at your fingertips, acting as a virtual cheering section for you during your date.


Remember makeout mixtapes from high school? Now you get to have your playlists for every occasion right in your purse. What's the harm in having a hot, mood-making queue of tunes at the ready, just in case the night takes a turn for the sexy? Even if you don't have a specific playlist, putting your songs on shuffle is much better than trying to get it on while listening to his roommate play Fortnite from the next room.


Just in case the restaurant or bar you're meeting your date at happens to be closed or fully booked, Yelp will help you relocate in a snap. No need for awkward planning à la "Um, I think I know a spot a few blocks this way... or is it that way?" Because with Yelp you can find exactly what you're looking for in a few clicks. Also, let's say your drinks date was amazing and you both want to do dinner, you can easily find a place to keep the party rolling.


Clue is a free period tracker app for iPhone and Android that tracks your cycle and tells you when you're ovulating. Being mindful of your most fertile times is handy if your date night goes from sips to sexscapades. Of course, always, always, always use protection, but knowing what's up with your lady parts gives you another layer of information protection.

So while a period-tracking app or a money transferring app won't guarantee a great date, you're at least arming yourself with some tools that can smooth over potentially awkward moments in a date and giving you all the resources you need to set yourself up for a good time. And in case you have a very bad time, then you can Marco Polo your crew from the backseat of your Uber and regale everyone with your story of the night!

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