You Can Finally Zoom In On Instagram Photos, So Let The Stalking Begin

For years, mercifully, we could all hide behind the fact that you couldn't zoom in on Instagram pictures -- meaning if in a photograph of you in front of the Eiffel Tower your face was small enough on a smartphone screen for no one to notice you had a constellation of pimples glowing on your forehead, you could still go ahead and post it.

Those days are over. Yeah, no more Paris. Paris is over, guys.

Instagram now allows you to zoom in on photographs, just like you can on Facebook.

It posted this video to herald in this new, I believe, sad era.

As mentioned in the caption, Instagram has gone under a myriad of changes in the past year. This is likely because Snapchat was biting at its heels (its solution was to just do its very best to make Snapchat irrelevant by essentially reproducing it entirely with Instagram Stories).

Personally, I like all the changes the app made, apart from this one -- although, of course, I will immediately start zooming in on everyone's pictures in order to fracture the perfect-looking life my friends and competitors project onto the world each day.

Users' responses were split down the middle. Some people said it was great (puke).

All together now: "FINALLY!" — Cindy Qiu (@cindyqiu8) August 31, 2016

And some said it was the worst.

Mind you, this will allow your parents (if they follow you), to zoom in on the once-too-small-to-notice one-hitter lying on your coffee table.