If You're Born On This Day, Science Says You Have The Happiest Birthday


Researchers commissioned by Interflora interviewed 2,000 people in Britain to attempt to find out when the “happiest” birthday would be, and, apparently, that day is July 28.

Now, to me, 2,000 really doesn't quite seem like a big enough study to fully answer this question, but the results make a certain intuitive sense.

The researchers asked their subjects how they felt about their birthdays and extrapolated the findings accordingly. In general, they found that people born in summer months felt by far the most positive about their birthdays than others. Specifically, in June 60, percent of people were happy with their birthdays; in July, 59 percent; and in August, 53 percent.

July 28 was chosen based on several criteria: The date is highly likely to be sunny, it's close to payday and it's during the summer.

Winter birthdays were unsurprisingly the most depressing — specifically December 16 because of the cold and its proximity to Christmas, which a third of subjects said overshadow their birthdays. At first, I thought, well then why isn't a day even closer to Christmas worse? Then I realized that if it were a bit closer it would feel like a part of Christmas, rather than the lukewarm preamble.

Weirdly, the study also contends that summer babies are more successful. As Metro points out, people born in June are more likely to have higher education degrees. And 12 percent of the English people born in august made over $60k per year, which was the largest percentage.

The lowest was December, which clocked in at only 4 percent in the top wage bracket.

Now, we should remember that this study was done in England, which might be different (I don't know, it rains a lot?), and I should reiterate once again the pool of subjects wasn't quite large enough to be incontrovertible.

You can see how your birthday ranks with this birthday happiness calculator Interflora made to have a computer tell you how you should feel about it.