If You're The Youngest Sibling, Science Says You'll Probably Be A Millionaire

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According to The Sunday Times, the youngest siblings in families that do not have a history of entrepreneurship are more likely to take risks down the road as businessmen and businesswomen.

The researchers at the Universities of Birmingham and Reading explained the "born to rebel" thesis suggests youngest siblings are "more likely to be exploratory, unconventional and tolerant of risk."

Yes, the thesis they were studying is titled “born to rebel," which is, in a word, COOL.

The researchers' findings are based on the lives of about 6,300 British people with various numbers of siblings.

The study went on to claim that with families with two siblings in it, the youngest was 49 percent more likely to experiment with entrepreneurship and become his or her own boss. And in families with three siblings in it, the youngest was 43 percent more likely to.

Professor Francis Greene of the University of Birmingham said,

The most surprising finding in this study was if your parents had no entrepreneurial experience and you were a last-born, you were more likely to be self-employed than your older siblings. This suggests that last borns are more likely to be risk-takers.

So, too bad for all you middle children out there. This study, like my older sister at parties in high school, is leaving you out.

It must be kept in mind, however, this study is a study of temperament, not necessarily success.

The entrepreneurial spirit does not necessarily translate into millions of dollars. This study just shows youngest siblings are most willing to throw their hats in the ring.

Although, as BBC News notes, studies show us the older sibling is usually smarter than his or her younger siblings -- likely because parents try a bit harder on their first go-around I'm guessing.

So basically what “science” is telling us here is younger siblings are more likely to be dumber and rich, which, as a youngest sibling, is perfectly fine by me.

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