WTF? The Average Cost Of A Teenager's Promposal Is Over $300

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If you've just barely come to terms with use of the cutesy term "promposal" to describe the way one awkward teen asks another out for a night of expensive dresses and slow dances, get ready for another cringeworthy fact.

A telephone survey conducted by Visa reveals the average cost of a promposal in the US is $324.

According to a Visa press release, interviews with more than 3,000 families conducted in January confirm prom costs have gotten wildly out of control.

On top of the hundreds going toward asking a date, the average price tag for the event and the hubbub surrounding it is $919.

It's worth noting the expense level differed in geographic regions across the country: Midwestern families only averaged $218 for promposals, while that number was $431 in the Northeast.

Before you panic about price, however, consider the source of the numbers.

As always with averages, just a handful of obscenely elaborate promposals can send the mean figure skyrocketing even if most of those included cost much less.

What's more, Visa conducted the interview through a telephone survey. Adults who willingly gave out figures for their income and prom budgets were surely those extra-zealous about the dance.

With all that said, numbers like this make us glad we're not in high school anymore.

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