People Are Posting Fake Body Transformation Pictures On Instagram To Shatter Illusions

If you've got the right posture, the right lighting and the right expression on your face, you won't ever need to go to the gym again -- at least not for a selfie.

Last year, Australian personal trainer Melanie Ventura posted dramatic "transformation" photos to her Instagram account. But her body transformation had nothing to do with sweating on the treadmill and eating a lot of celery.

The secrets to her before-and-after photos involved slight tricks that made some major changes: She lathered on some fake tan, switched her too-small red bikini bottoms to a well-fitted black pair and actually smiled.

Ventura also pushed her shoulders back, set her feet wider apart, popped her hip, stood up taller and angled her skinny armed perfectly.

Then, she added a filter. Because this is Instagram.

Soon after she posted the photos, stole them and used them in an advertisement for a product with the caption: "Lost 5kgs thanks to the 218-Day Teatox... Love you guys! I feel amazing! Will definitely buy again and refer friends! xoxo."

Ventura urges us not to be fooled by weight-loss campaigns. The best way to lose weight, she says, is to "learn about food, come up with an achievable plan and most importantly enjoy how you exercise and live your life."

Now, a lot of ladies on Instagram are posting their own fake transformations to show just how simple it is to transform your body from uncut and unshaped to toned and sexy. 

All you have to do is make a few minor alterations, and you'll be shocked at how good you can look with literally zero fitness.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: Instagram