Woman Wants To Divorce Husband For Not Having Sex Three Times A Day

by Sean Levinson

A Middle Eastern woman is attempting to divorce her husband because he hasn't been having sex with her enough.

According to Gulf News, the woman told the Dubai Sharia Court she wishes to have sex two to three times a day, but her husband is only capable of performing up to four times a week.

She is therefore seeking damages on the grounds that her husband is unable to please her.

Whether the husband couldn't or simply did not want to have sex, however, is unknown.

A source said,

The court informed the woman that her claim for divorce due to what she describes as damages is not sufficient to leave her husband. The wife insisted that her husband fails to satisfy her needs. In her lawsuit, the wife alleged that the defendant [husband] should either be able to please her or grant her a divorce.

The judge dismissed the woman's reasoning for divorce and allegedly urged her to have a medical examination.

The woman, however, refused and instead demanded her husband see a doctor.

Although the court is meeting her demands by referring her husband to a medical examiner, it doesn't think the couple's current sexual routine is justifiable means for granting a divorce.

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