Woman Sets Man's Car On Fire After He Refuses To Give Her A Cigarette (Video)

A woman reportedly lit a man's car on fire after he refused to give her a cigarette earlier this week.

Security footage taken at a gas station in Jerusalem on April 28 begins with a woman in her mid-30s walking up to a man pumping fuel and then being dismissed.

She walks away but soon turns back to produce what looks like a lighter, which she uses to ignite the victim's gas pump.

The man throws the pump away from his gas tank, but the vehicle is instantly engulfed in flames.

According to the Telegraph, the woman asked the man for a cigarette and started the fire because he chose not to give her one.

The man's brother was sitting in the car, but no injuries were reported.

Gas station workers were able to put out the fire, which could have led to a massive explosion had the man left the pump in his car.

The woman denied causing the fire after being arrested.

She has been ordered to undergo psychological evaluations while charges are being determined.

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