Woman Sent $1.4 M To A Man She Met Online And Swears It's Not A Scam (Video)

When Sarah found love online, it wasn't in the form of a Nigerian prince begging for money.

Instead, her love interest introduced himself as an Italian visiting South Africa. The monetary requests didn't begin until later.

Last Tuesday, the 46-year-old, two-time divorcée appeared on an episode of daytime talk show "Dr. Phil" to discuss a long-distance love affair that's cost her more than $1.4 million. She's never met the man in question.

The love-struck woman met the man who calls himself "Chris Olsen" after he struck up a flirtation online a year and a half ago.

Although he originally had an Italian accent, it's reportedly changed to something a little more vague.

Sarah sent the man thousands of dollars to cover hotel fees, yellow fever treatment and attorney costs, among other expenses.

She claims Olsen eventually intends to visit her in the US, but has been arrested and had his money stolen.

Sarah can't resist Olsen's promises of marriage and love, but she's beginning to see she may have been scammed.

As her savings dwindle, Sarah's concerned cousin, Crystal, asked Dr. Phil to step in.

Today's show: How would you help a friend if you believed they were being caught in a love scam? #DrPhil #LoveOrCatfish — Dr. Phil (@DrPhil) February 24, 2015

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