Woman 'Regrets' Marrying And Having Kids With Son's 15-Year-Old Friend

by Gillian Fuller

An Atlanta woman recently appeared on "This Morning" and discussed her former relationship with a teenage boy, her son's friend, whom she wed after falling pregnant with his child.

Lisa Clark, then in her mid-30s, began dating Adrian Gonzalez when he was just 14 years old, a relationship she now says she “deeply regrets.”

Clark says she and Gonzalez, who she believed was 17, began talking following her painful divorce and the death of her father.

She recalls,

I was coming in drunk just about every night and he would listen. He was just there. He was very persistent and it just happened.

Under pressure from her Christian family, Clark wed Gonzalez in a surprisingly legal ceremony after she fell pregnant with his child.

Georgia state law allows individuals under 16 to wed in cases of pregnancy.

Shortly after the marriage, Clark was arrested for statutory rape. While marrying a 15-year-old is apparently legal in Georgia, having sex with one is not.

Clark ultimately served two years in prison, giving birth to son Skye while there. Upon her release, she became pregnant with Gonzalez's second child.

Thankfully, Clark eventually came to her senses and ended the relationship.

She now advises others to avoid pedophilia, although she refuses to admit she is a pedophile.

She said,

If you are considering a relationship like this you need to find out what is really going on with you.

Clark added,

 That's not a part of my life now or who I am.

What a relief.

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