Woman Finds Incredibly Creepy Two-Way Mirror In A Bar's Ladies' Room (Video)

So, this is creepy.

While performing at a Chicago bar called Cigars & Stripes, stand-up comedian Tamale Rocks noticed something seriously off with the bar's bathroom: It houses a two-way mirror, positioned directly across from the toilet.

Behind the mirror, which is affixed to a door, is a utility closet, big enough for a person to stand in.

So if someone were to sneak into the bathroom and hide in said closet -- which, the owners insist, is the only way to get into it -- that person could, without being detected, creeper-peep on women while they're using the ladies' room.

Needless to say, Rocks was freaked out about the hugely-disgusting, potential invasion of privacy.

So she filmed a video in the bathroom, showing the two-way mirror and posted it to YouTube, asking the owner to remove it.

The response from Cigars & Stripes has been outrageous.

Owner Ronnie Lottz told Jezebel he'd  “burn this f*cking place to the ground” before ditching the mirror.

He added,

If you don't like the two-way mirror, go f*ck yourself.

And though employees insist the mirror is harmless, Lottz's extreme defensiveness suggests otherwise -- a reality that is equal parts disgusting, creepy and plain wrong.

Chicagoans, be warned.

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