Woman Being Held Hostage Gets 911 Help By Ordering Pizza Hut Online

News Channel 8

Thanks to a Pizza Hut manager with a sharp eye, a mother and her three children have been freed from the rule of an abusive boyfriend in Avon Park, Florida.

On Monday, WTSP reports Cheryl Treadway ordered an urgent pizza delivery using the app on her phone.

Instead of adding extra toppings, the desperate woman used the "additional comments" box to ask that Pizza Hut call 911.

After a fight with her 26-year old partner, Ethan Nickerson, the enraged man took Treadway's cell phone and insisted on accompanying her to pick up the children from school.

She only managed to coerce the phone out of him by promising to order pizza.

The note read,

Please help! Get 911 to me.

Treadway and her children were trapped by Nickerson, who reportedly threatened them with a knife.

WFLA reports quick-thinking manager Candy Hamilton called emergency services, who sent a hostage negotiator to the property.

Treadway and one child escaped to police custody, but Nickerson held two more inside the house.

Officers, who believe Nickerson was high on methamphetamine at the time of the incident, convinced him to exit the home peacefully in less than a half hour.

According to inmate records from the Highlands County Sheriff's Office, police booked Nickerson on four charges.

They include battery causing bodily harm as well as the false imprisonment of an adult.

Pizza Hut saved Treadway's life.

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