Woman Bans Cheating Husband From Ever Having Sex With Anybody Again


Infidelity in a marriage often leads to divorce.

When Haley Mulholland discovered her husband, Kevin, was cheating on her, however, she dreamed up a way harsher punishment: a lifelong sex ban.

While the mother of eight insists she doesn't want to be with her husband, she doesn't want any other woman to have him, either.

To ensure her punishment holds up, Mulholland tracks her husband's cell phone activity, monitors his Facebook account and keeps tabs on where he is at all times to make sure he's not gettin' some from anyone else.

She even smells him to see if she can detect the scent of another woman's perfume.

Mulholland told Daily Mail,

Maybe it's just jealousy, or perhaps I want him to suffer… So far, he's passed the test, but if he ever fails, I'm ready to pounce.

Mulholland originally learned of her husband's transgressions after seeing incriminating Facebook messages from another woman -- their neighbor -- on his computer screen, which he'd accidentally left up.

Though he initially denied it, her guilty husband was officially busted after failing a lie detector test (that he suggested to take) on the popular British talk show, "The Jeremy Kyle Show."

He's been sleeping on the couch ever since.

Mulholland says,

He's made his bed and he has to lie in it…alone.

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