She Refused To Take Him Off Life Support, Then He Came Out Of A Coma

The Davis Family

A motorcycle accident almost took the life of Matt Davis back in 2010.

The crash put him on life support and in a coma.

Doctors said he only had a 10 percent chance of emerging from his comatose state.

However, his wife, Danielle Josey Davis, believed in Matt and refused to pull the plug on her husband.

The couple had only been married for seven months when the crash occurred, and they had only dated for two months prior to their marriage.

Yet, Danielle, who was 24 at the time, held on to the belief that Matt, who was 23, would pull through. One day, Matt suddenly awoke from his coma.

He didn't remember Danielle, but he was thankful she fought for him.

He said,

I'm sure glad I married her.

It took a while for Matt's condition to improve, but over time and with rehab, he began to make progress. He still doesn't recall dating or marrying his wife, but they are becoming reacquainted with one another.

Matt has even gotten to the point where he is able to attend yoga classes and drive a car. It just goes to show, you should never give up on the people you love.

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