Wife Discovers Husband Has A Second Wife Because Of A Facebook Post

A cheating husband was busted after his wife found a video of him and his mistress on Facebook.

Britain's Andrew O'Clee, 36, married 39-year-old Michelle in 2008, Daily Mail reports.

He began the affair with Philippa, 30, three years later while he and his wife were trying to conceive a child.

O'Clee told Michelle he'd seen a serious crime and had to be placed in the Witness Protection Program. His ruse enabled him to disappear for long periods of time.

Michelle told the Chichester Crown Court,

In 2012 he told me he had a new job and work was involved in fraudulent issues. I was told he would have to be taken to a safe house with his colleagues for his and my own safety. I was told by him not to tell my family or friends. I became paranoid and constantly fearful for my safety.

But what O'Clee called his "safe house" was really the nearly $900,000 home he was sharing with Philippa in Chiddingfold, Surrey.

He then forged a decree absolute stating he was divorced, so the court would allow him to get married again in August 2013.

An illegal wedding was held featuring O'Clee's mother and brother, who were under the impression the groom was divorced from Michelle.

Michelle, who still had no idea of her husband's real whereabouts during his absences, got pregnant with the couple's first child and went into labor 18 months after her husband started living at his "safe house."

O'Clee arrived at the hospital five hours late.

Michelle recalled,

He cut the cord and left again. He said the police were waiting outside to take him to safety.

She claims O'Clee asked her to take a paternity test immediately afterward, "add[ing] insult to injury."

The extravagant lie was uncovered in 2014 when Michelle saw her husband had been tagged in a video on Facebook.

It was O'Clee and Philippa taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a post captioned "Uncle Andrew and Auntie Philippa."

He had been nominated by his young nephew and the video was originally posted by O'Clee's brother.

Michelle delved deeper into her husband's page to discover photos of the second wedding.

She reported the posts to police and O'Clee was arrested in August 2014.

O'Clee pleaded guilty to one count of bigamy in court on Wednesday and will spend eight months in jail.

Philippa, who reportedly lives just 30 minutes away from Michelle, has vowed to stay married to O'Clee.

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