Watch The Dramatic Moment A Python Devours A Giant Crocodile (Video)

Australia's Tiffany Corlis knew she had stumbled upon something epic when she saw a python creeping up to a crocodile in Queensland.

The photos she took on her smartphone captured one of the scariest yet most exhilarating displays of animal power as the snake constricted the crocodile to death before swallowing it whole.

ABC reports that the photos were taken near the edge of Lake Moondara, about 12 miles north east of Mount Isa.

The crocodile struggled with all its might but could not keep the lightning fast snake from wrapping around its body.

"(The crocodile) was fighting at the start, it was trying to keep its head out of water and survive. But as the morning progressed you could tell both of them were getting a little weaker as the struggle was going on, finally the croc sort of gave in" Corlis told ABC.

The entire battle took about four hours, she said, and by the end had attracted several more adventurers with cameras.

Corlis was even more stunned to see the python slowly consume the fellow reptile, stretching its mouth and body to consume the entire crocodile.

The snake then slithered further into the nearby swamp to digest his feast.

H/T: ABC, Photos Courtesy: Imgur