14 Years In 4 Minutes: This Dad Captured His Daughter's Transformation In This Stunning Time-Lapse

by Connor Toole

Most people have trouble committing to a project for more than a couple of months, but this video by Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester has been in the works for 14 years.

Hofmeester has been tracking his daughter Lotte's growth on camera from her birth in 2000 to the present day, and managed to fit the first 14 years of her life into a four minute video.

The various clips transition almost seamlessly from one to the other as Lotte slowly ages in front of your eyes.

The only thing that changes during the video is the age of the subject and the color of the film, beginning with a baby filmed in black and white and ending with a teenager captured in vibrant color.

According to The Daily Dot, the filmmaker has also done a similar experiment with his son -- however, he has only been filming him for a paltry 11 years. While not quite as impressive, the second video is still worth a look.

via DailyDot