Tying A String Around Your Waist Could Be The Secret To Flatter Abs

by Gillian Fuller

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, waist training, the practice of wearing a corset for several hours a day, is the new “it” method for sculpting a thin waist and hourglass shape.

Unfortunately, waist training can seriously f*ck up your organs -- not to mention, it's generally incredibly uncomfortable.

According to one physiotherapist, however, there is a super-easy alternative to the popular practice: tying a string around your waist.

Sammy Margo insists tying a string around your midsection may subconsciously remind you to contract your stomach muscles, which will tighten and flatten the abs over time.

She told the Daily Mail,

As physiotherapists, we are very concerned that people are completely inactive. The prospect of going to the gym two or three times a week might be scary for some people so we need to find ways of integrating exercise into daily life.

The string should be tied fairly tightly for it to work. Margo instructs pulling the abdominal muscles in all the way, and then releasing the contraction by about 50 percent to find the ideal positioning for the string.

The technique “will give you a flatter stomach, work your core, improve your abdominal tone, as well as improve posture," she says.

Though she recommends the string method in addition to regular exercise, Margo admits,

Anything to get people who may be physically inactive to engage their abdominals is going to help.

The whole “no crunches involved” thing sort of sounds too good to be true. Then again, the science behind the practice makes complete sense.

You can find me at the string store, stocking up on a lifetime supply.

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