Entire Town Gives Girl With Cancer The Sweet 16 Party Of Her Dreams

Like any other teenager, Abby Snider hoped her 16th birthday would mean a lavish party.

After a year battling leukemia, the Winchester, Virginia girl received a surprise celebration she'd never expected.

The party was the creation of the Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation, which helps provide "non-medical support" to parents and families with sick children.

Instead of cluing Snider in on the game, ABC reports foundation head Tom Mitchell told the teen she'd been asked to speak at a formal local event.

And while she chose a dress, he campaigned to find local vendors to take care of the party's food and decorations.

After a painful year, Snider needed a celebration.

And thanks to the Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation, a local organization, her parents could provide one.

This was a night Snider said truly made her feel "like Cinderella."

After being treated to a professional makeup artist last Thursday, Snider hopped in the limo with Mitchell.

The teen's only concern was being too nervous to deliver her prepared speech, which she never gave.

Snider didn't suspect a ball had been thrown in her honor at The George Washington Hotel.

This is a reaction you just can't fake.

Surrounded by friends, neighbors and family, Snider didn't quite know how to react.

She told ABC, "At first I was confused and then I started screaming and then I started crying."

The support of those closest to her renewed Snider's desire to beat her cancer.

She added, "There are times you just want to give up, but you have to keep going. Even when it's hard you just have to keep fighting."

Local press was there to capture Snider's incredible party.


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