This 85-Year-Old Grandmother Is Still Knocking Boots As The World's Oldest Prostitute (Video)

This is certainly one for the books. Introducing Sheila Vogel-Coupe, Britain's oldest prostitute. Well, I suppose it's fitting in a way; prostitution is, after all, the oldest profession.

Vogel-Coupe, 85, does not, in fact, consider herself a prostitute. She prefers the term escort, although her sessions do sometimes veer into sexual territory. Her rate is 250 pounds per hour, and this grandmother has been at it for about four years now.

For a time, she entertained upwards of 10 clients per week. That number has dwindled somewhat, after Vogel-Coupe was hospitalized for medical complications. Old age really gets in the way of work.

Vogel-Coupe's foray into escorting came in the wake of the death of her second husband. She is a lifelong lover of gentlemanly company, and turned to escorting to combat her loneliness.

As we might expect, Vogel-Coupe's family was not too happy to learn the news. The press had a literal field day with this story, as her granddaughter, Katie Waissel, was already in the public eye as a contestant on "The X Factor."

Shelia has become estranged from her family since word spread of her endeavors. Yet, she is solid in her resolve to live her life how she sees fit, and publicly made a plea seeking understanding and reconciliation from her loved ones.

The video itself gets a bit combative, and I have to wonder if all the public scorn is really warranted. We all have choices to make in life, and we might not always take pride in how things play out. Yet, everyone's search for fulfillment is unique.

I can't say this would be my go to fix-all in old age (I'd probably just start gardening), but maybe I'm just willing to admit I'm much more of a prude than Vogel-Coupe.