Thai Officials Tell Boys To Buy Smaller Condoms To Stop Spreading STDs

by Adam Pliskin

In the past 10 years, sexually transmitted infections among teenagers in Thailand increased by about 350 percent.

A major cause of this seems to be that Thai teens are buying condoms much too large for their members.

Now, Thailand's Ministry of Public Health is advising these teens to buy appropriately sized condoms.

Many teens buy condoms that are too large in order to avoid being teased by their friends for having small penises.

Of course, the danger is a condom that is too large can slip off during intercourse. It would then be ineffective in halting the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Thailand's health ministry will spend $1.95 million to give out 43 million condoms this year alone.

Hopefully, teenagers will use those condoms correctly so they can achieve their intended purposes.

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