Heroic 19-Year-Old Saved 55 Orphans During The Earthquake In Nepal

When the earthquake hit Nepal late last month, Ishwor Ghimire jumped to action.

The 19-year-old saved the lives of 55 children at a local orphanage.

Huffington Post reports Ghimire was visiting the Nepal Deprived Women and Children Upliftment Center when the quake began.

Instead of panicking, Ghimire kept a cool head and began carrying children out.

Although 55 children's lives were saved, Ghimire told media the fight is just beginning.

The center is structurally unstable, meaning the refugee children, aged between 4 and 16, are forced to play and sleep in makeshift tents.

According to KTIV, UNICEF South Asia sent Kathmandu a supply shipment.

Ghimire, however, says the aid has yet to reach the orphanage.

He told KTIV, "We are pretty much on our own, because we haven't got any help yet."

Ghimire has plenty of reasons to hope for the center's revival.

He was raised there, Metro reports.

It was his home before he went to school on a scholarship in Australia.

In a way, the rescued children are his family.

And Ghimire will keep them alive.

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