WTF? 14-Year-Old Pulls A Massive 4-Inch Centipede Out Of His Ear

This story will make you want to take a shower immediately.

Earlier this week, 14-year-old Grant Botti woke up with a strange, horrendous pain in his ear.

When he felt around to investigate, the Arkansas-based teen discovered something horrifying: A 4-inch-long centipede had burrowed its way into his ear canal.

Somehow, he managed to pull out the insect without killing it and brought it to the hospital, according to KATV.

Staff members said they never saw anything like it before.

Fortunately, Botti was mostly unharmed, although doctors did find small abrasions in his ear drum.

The teen is still unsure how the bug got there, but he believes it could have made its way into his ear when he was swimming outdoors.

So, the moral of this story is this: Don't swim in lakes in Arkansas.

Or just don't go to Arkansas.



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