Teen With Cancer Fulfills Dying Wish Of Taking His Girlfriend To Prom

Two days before his death, Jak Trueman took his girlfriend to prom.

The 15-year-old, who'd fought Gamma/Delta T-cell lymphoma since his diagnosis in August, only stayed 10 minutes before feeling sick and returning home.

But, pictures from the day show Jak posing with his girlfriend, 14-year-old Hannah Boyd, in an ethereal pink dress and curls, smiling like any other teenager on a special day.

West Calder High arranged the dance in mere days, Jak's deteriorating condition in mind.

He had been feeling increasingly exhausted and ill, leading close friends and family to believe he might not have much time left.

And even though Jak couldn't stay long, he was overjoyed to feel normal for one night.

This is Jak, before his battle with cancer.

The teen posted an update to his public Facebook page, Jak's Journey, writing, "I would just like to make a massive apology for me only turning up and then having to go again..."

"...thank you to everyone who organised it and came along, even just knowing it was all happening for me makes me smile."

Jak even received an award for overcoming adversity.

Looking good... #teamjak pic.twitter.com/BbRsYtwfQR — S6 Coordinator (@S6Coordinator) January 31, 2015

And it wasn't just prom making the boy feel special.

Jak's final months were filled with new adventures, thanks to his family.

#teamjak pic.twitter.com/oeARSXjvNp — Jak's Journey (@jaksjourney) January 31, 2015

He rode an ATV for the first time and staged an impromptu photo shoot behind the driver's seat of a Lamborghini.

There's only 1 Jak Trueman. #teamjak pic.twitter.com/b93bkgWKK2 — S6 Coordinator (@S6Coordinator) February 1, 2015

Devastatingly, celebration and activity weren't enough to beat the cancer.

Yesterday, Jak's mother updated the Facebook page with a short note mourning his passing, saying, "Devastated and heartbroken to say my beautiful boy's gone to Heaven, God bless. Jak I am the proudest Mummy ever."

To date, a Just Giving page set up in Jak's name raised more than $75,000 (£50,861) of its $23,000 goal in the name of leukemia and lymphoma research.

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