Breaking: Hostage Situation In Sydney, Possible Terror Attack

There is an ongoing hostage situation at a café in Sydney, Australia, and it may be the work of terrorists.

Hundreds of Australian police have cordoned off a significant portion of Martin Place, a pedestrian mall located in the city’s main business area.

The situation is developing at the Lindt Café. There is at least one gunman, and varying reports surrounding the number of hostages being held.

Some claim there are at least a dozen hostages.

Other reports contend that a Lindt Australia executive has stated there were about 10 staff members working at the café and around 30 customers.

At one point, several of the hostages were forced to press their hands against the window.

A black Islamic flag was also raised in the café’s window. It is not the flag of ISIS, as some initially believed, but jihadi groups commonly use it as a battle banner.

Australia’s prime minister has said this might be politically motivated.

We will provide updates as they come in.

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