Study: Chemicals From Makeup And Hairspray Is Triggering Early Menopause

New research shows that the chemicals found in make-up, hairspray, and food packaging are causing women to hit menopause at an earlier age, up to two and a half years earlier.

In some rare cases, it can cause menstruation to stop an unbelievable fifteen years earlier.

The groups of chemicals in the plastics and hairsprays have been a cause of concern for any years, with the increased risk of cancer, diabetes and obesity associated with overexposure.

Dr. Natalia Grindler, from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, and colleagues looked at the levels of phthalates in the blood or urine of 5,700 women.

Those with the highest amounts were found to have gone through the menopause an average of 2.3 years before the others. The typical age of the menopause is 51, so women exposed to the highest levels were hitting it aged 49.

Eating organic food and food that does not come in plastic packaging is one way to combat this trend, so make sure to treat your body like a temple.

Jordan Shepherd | Elite.