Stray Dogs Loyally Attend Funeral Of Woman Who Took Care Of Them (Photos)

The family of a woman who dearly loved animals believes some canines came to pay their last respects.

Margarita Suárez, 71, fed dozens of stray cats in her neighborhood and always had a snack or two for dogs that trotted by, according to Daily Mail.

When the elderly woman's body was laid out at a funeral home in Cuernavaca, Mexico earlier this month, several stray dogs came in and laid on the floor as if they were mourning her death.

Kindhearted Suárez could never resist an animal.

And somehow, it seems as if they knew.

While the dogs could've simply remembered the place they'd gotten food, that couldn't possibly be true.

Daughter Patricia Urrutia told ABC News her mother was buried more than 800 miles from her home in Merida, Yucatan.

Urrutia reports the dogs stayed through one day and night before all but one walked away.

As Suárez's body was readied for cremation, Urrutia says the pack trooped back in and grouped around the casket.

She added, "When I was in a moment of so much pain [when] these dogs that came…"

"They showed me that everything was going to be okay."

And that wasn't the only Disney-like animal event, either: At 3 am, a bird reportedly flew in through the funeral home's window.

It circled the room before taking off once more.

On March 15, Urrutia uploaded photos of the unbelievable service to Facebook, and they've since gone viral.

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