Stoner Asks His Date To Prom By Writing It Across Five Massive Joints

That's not romance in the air, it's just the smell of burning joints.

The joints belong to redditor LegalizeOtt, who recently posted to /r/Trees – Reddit's marijuana community – an unconventional plan for asking a fellow weed enthusiast to prom.

He rolled five enormous joints, then spelled out "PROM?" across them in pen.

It seems the girl had been hinting for the 18-year-old to ask for some time. When he finally asked, she was only too happy to accept.

According to LegalizeOtt, they burned through one and a half joints on the spot.

He wrote,

She said yes, and then we got really high.

The bold guy told the Daily Dot he's planning on bringing a least half an ounce of marijuana to share with a friend at prom.

LegalizeOtt says his date thought his weed-themed promposal was so cute that she posted it to Twitter. He's not sure if she's told her mom yet.