Stolen Dog Has Very Emotional Reunion With Owner Six Months Later (Video)

Pet owners, be warned: This heartwarming video will leave you teary-eyed (in the best way).

Filmed by a veterinarian at Heath Veterinary Clinic in West Sussex, UK, the video shows a pup's loving reunion with his owner after six months apart.

Jasper, a Whippet, had gone missing -- he was suspected to be stolen -- and after half a year, his owner had all but given up on finding the beloved pet.

Little did he know Jasper was still alive -- he'd been sold to a woman who cared for the dog for three months.

Jasper was brought to the vet after he was seen wandering the streets, and doctors discovered his microchip, which revealed his owner reported him missing six months prior.

They called the owner to break the miraculous news, and this is the footage from the pair's fateful and ecstatic reunion.

This is true love.

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