Special Needs Student Lives Dream And Wins Prom Queen In Landslide Vote

Katie Shipley never expected to go to her senior prom.

Born with a rare chromosome disorder, the Beaverton, Oregon native was not supposed to make it to her 18th birthday.

But on Saturday night, she attended Southridge High School's senior prom and, with the help of her friends, was crowned prom queen.

Prior to prom, Shipley mentioned to her friends how it was her dream to be prom queen.

Her friends lobbied and convinced the prom committee to include Shipley on the ballot.

At the prom, Shipley waited anxiously alongside the five other girls who were also nominated.

She was surprised to learn not only did she win, but she won with 200 votes -- the most ever in the school's history.

Joan Fraley, Shipley's grandmother, praised her granddaughter's achievement.

Fraley said,

This shows them that you're just like everybody else. You are beautiful, you are precious, God loves you just the way he made you -- and [you] shine.

It's hard to feel anything but inspired when you see how appreciative and genuinely thrilled she was.

We have to hand it to Southridge's Class of 2015: You guys are amazing.

This is Katie Shipley.

Her classmates made her dream come true.

They helped her win the coveted title of prom queen!

Prom court ready for the assembly!! — Hawk Talk (@SRHS_Skyhawks) May 15, 2015

It meant a lot to Katie.

She was crowned prom queen alongside her classmate, Mike Parks.

It looks like the special night was a blast for Shipley.

Shipley's grandmother was moved, too.

Shipley even thanked her classmates for making her dream come true.

If you voted for Katie you have to read this — Courtney Travis (@courtneytraviii) May 18, 2015

Here's a video of Shipley's story.

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