Shocking Social Experiment Proves How Easily Children Talk To Strangers (Video)

As children, we're all taught not to talk to strangers. It's one of the first lessons we learn.

Still, children are easily tricked and manipulated, and as a result, the lesson doesn't always stick.

To test kids' judgement of danger, Youtuber JoeySalads conducted a social experiment in a local park.

With the permission of parents, he approached random children and struck up a conversation with them.

He brought a puppy along as an “ice breaker” of sorts. Once he gained the child's trust, he'd ask if he or she wanted to leave with him to see more puppies.

To the parents' horror, every child he approached gladly left with him, sensing no danger in the situation.

After returning each child to his or her parents, Joey revealed a horrifying statistic: Every day, over 700 children are abducted by strangers (nearly a quarter million per year).

He asks,

Are your kids safe?

Though unsettling, the video serves as a powerful reminder you can never be too careful.

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