Soccer Fan Loses Job Making $100,000 A Year After The 'FHRITP' Prank

by Sean Levinson

One of the douchebags who yelled vulgarities during a reporter's live broadcast recently lost his job.

The incident occurred on Sunday while CityNews' Shauna Hunt interviewed soccer fans outside of the stadium where Toronto FC took on the Houston Dynamo.

She was speaking to the camera when an assh*le sporting a mohawk said, "F*ck her right in the p*ssy," according to The Washington Post.

Hunt then confronted the suspect and his friends.

One of the men she spoke to claimed the remark was "f*cking hilarious" and "f*cking amazing."

According to the National Post, the individual was identified as Shawn Simoes. Simoes was reportedly terminated from his job at Ontario electric company Hydro One on Tuesday after the clip went viral.

Simoes was an assistant network management engineer making $106,510.50 a year.

On Tuesday, Hydro One said Simoes violated the code of conduct.

The company released a statement that said,

Respect for all people is ingrained in the code and our values. We are committed to a work environment where discrimination or harassment of any type is met with zero tolerance.

The other man, the one wearing sunglasses, may face the same fate.

He works for sensor system-maker Cognex, and in a statement on Tuesday, the company suggested he would at least be disciplined for his behavior.

The statement read,

While the individual was attending the event on his own time and was not at a Cognex activity, the views expressed are totally inconsistent with Cognex's values, and we find such comments reprehensible. We cannot comment on employee matters publicly, but we take this issue seriously and will be addressing it.

The pair, along with anyone else who coordinated the prank, will reportedly be banned from the stadium.

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), which owns Toronto FC and runs the stadium, issued a statement saying the culprits wouldn't be allowed in the stadium for "at least" a year.

The statement continued,

We're appalled that this trend of disrespectful behavior would make its way to our city, let alone anywhere near our stadium. ‎We are working to identify the individuals, and when we do they will be banned from all of our facilities.

The guy who said the actual vulgarity is yet to be identified.

A spokeswoman from the Toronto police said future "FHRITP" pranks could result in criminal charges.

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