Volunteers Shovel Path So This Man Can Bring Flowers To His Late Wife (Video)

For Bud Caldwell, every day is Valentine's Day.

The elderly Fond du Lac, Wisconsin man has brought a daisy and a penny to a bench dedicated in memoriam to his late wife, Betty, every day for two years.

The sweet gesture is in remembrance of "Daisy a Day" and "Pennies From Heaven," their favorite songs, reports CBS 58.

But, when winter comes, it can be difficult and even dangerous for the 82-year-old to navigate nearby Lakeside Park alone. Last year, he slipped and fell.

After heavy snowfall last week, two of the park's employees, Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz, volunteered to shovel a clear path for Caldwell.

He can, once again, visit Betty's bench safely and fill her in on that day's plans, especially since the generous pair plan to shovel the snow away every day until spring arrives.

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