Snapchat Actually Causes More Jealousy In Relationships Than Facebook

Defining the terms of infidelity in this digital age our generation is cultivating is proving to be just as difficult a task as developing social media platforms that actually last.

However, one app has seemed to do just that: Snapchat now has 100 million monthly users, sending glimpses of their lives, selfies and the occasional sneak peek of their... more personal angles to friends, family and star-crossed lovers.

But the third most popular app amongst Millennials has gotten some of us in trouble for a number of reasons -- and I'm not just talking about all those leaked nudes you saved of J-Law and other celebs.

There are entire pages online dedicated to submitting nudes that were received and screenshot from Snapchat.

But, with the obvious temptation to be able to flirt risk-free with old flings and former hookups in the privacy of a soon-to-disappear convo, Snapchat has become an explosive utility for those of us in relationships who are looking to explore some new assets (see what I did there?).

Mic reports a new study says Snapchat actually causes more jealousy in relationships than Facebook could ever dream of. Researchers set out to determine exactly why we began using Snapchat, and the motives behind our disappearing photographs.

The study, published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, found Snapchat users generally feel Facebook posts are entirely too public and can be seen by just about anybody within our networks.

But Snapchat provides a unique experience for social media users; it allows private dialogues to take place.

Then, there is still the lingering gray area that we Millennials can't seem to agree on: What is cheating in 2015? Is harmlessly flirting through an app with strangers and sending pictures to former flings considered breaking the terms of a relationship?

Some people certainly think so, and then there are others who feel exactly the opposite.

To be perfectly honest, I'm on the fence with this one.

I don't think flirting with people while in a committed relationship is necessarily harmful or irresponsible, but sending pictures to other people definitely puts me off.

In fact, if I ever found out someone I was dating was using social media to reconnect with old flings or start new ones, I'd hit them with a snap and keep it moving.