Smoking Tea Is Now A Thing, And Apparently It's Relaxing And Good For You

by Gillian Fuller

Smoking weed to relax used to be relatively taboo, at least in terms of how the general population viewed the practice.

With legalization laws passing in more and more states, lighting up isn’t looked down upon so much anymore. After all, marijuana is a plant and for some, it really does help with psychological problems or physical ailments.

But, not everyone benefits the same way. While weed relaxes some people, it makes others panicky; it can be tricky to tell how the high will be, especially if you’re not a frequent smoker.

Digg shared this video, featuring Liz Neves, a storeowner in Brooklyn who sells smokeable tea. You can think of the product as a natural, high-free alternative to marijuana (great for those who want the calming benefits, but not the high).

Her shop, Raganella’s Botanical Solutions, offers lots of different blends of smokeable herbs.

In the video, Neves discusses customer favorite Vivid Visions, a blend of lavender, damiana and mugwort, which is a psychoactive herb that supposedly enhances the intensity of your dreams.

Granted, it sounds a little hippie-dippy and new-agey, but the reviews on Neves’ Etsy site are fantastic. Obviously, she’s doing something right.

Now, where are my rolling papers?

H/T: Digg