Shocking Video Shows How Easily Kids Will Open Doors For Strangers

You should be teaching your kids early and often about home safety.

YouTuber Joey Salads’ social experiment on children dealing with home invasions should be an eye-opening exercise for parents everywhere.

With almost no effort, Joey was able to convince children to let him into their houses while they thought their mothers were showering.

My only issue with the video is Joey Salads is pretty much a poor man’s The Situation.

He looks like a guy who made it through the first two audition rounds to get onto the “Jersey Shore,” but didn’t make the cast in the end, and now, he makes videos about home safety.

It’s like if Snooki started a series of videos where she explained credit default swaps… Actually, I would totally watch that. Somebody, for the love of God, make that happen.

Anyway, teach your kids how to deal with strangers, so they don't need to hear how from a guy named Joey Salads.