Kids Are Ending Up Hospitalized After Challenging Each Other To Eat Bag After Bag Of Hot Cheetos


A super hot snack is in hot water with America’s parents after being the cause of a handful of hospitalizations.

Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos are a staple in school cafeterias all over the country during lunchtime, but the high-salt, extremely spicy snacks do not necessarily cooperate with young people’s digestive systems.

Now, doctors, teachers, and parents are teaming up to get the spicy snacks out of the cafeteria and the hands of kids because the sudden increase in popularity of spicy snacks with younger people is having adverse effects.

The Hot Cheetos are nothing to sneeze at, however, as they are spicy enough to change the pH balance of children’s stomachs to develop gastritis.

To make matters worse than just casual snacking, kids are challenging each other to eat insane amounts of the Cheetos to see who can eat the most without being hospitalized.

So where did the rise in popularity come from? It seems as though all eyes are on a YouTube sensation: last year’s smash hit, “Hot Cheetos and Takis” by the Y.N. Rich Kids, in which young kids praise the flaming hot snacks. Check it out below!

Via: ABC News, Top Photo Courtesy: Survivalists Board