Russian 'Tittygram' Service Lets You Buy Ad Space On Women's Breasts

One Russian company is taking the concept of “sex sells” to dangerous new heights with their recently-launched advertising service.

The controversial operation allows businesses to pay to advertise their brand or product directly on women's breasts.

The company, appropriately (or, not-so-appropriately) named Tittygram, pays the employed women up to the equivalent of $88 per day to parade around topless with a company's logo plastered on their breasts.

An ad, for reference, costs between $7 and $10 for up to 35 words.

Since the company's launch last month, women across the country have taken to Russian social media to protest the service, saying it's offensive and degrading.

Unfortunately, several major Russian companies have already signed up to advertise with Tittygram, including financial apps Rocketbank and Touchbank.

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