Russia And Ukraine Are Fighting Over A Woman With 34K Breasts (Photos)

Russia made its pettiest jab at Ukraine to date when it named a woman from Crimea its "top natural beauty."

Many Ukrainians believe 28-year-old Maria Zarring was only selected because she was born in the territory Russia illegitimately annexed from Ukraine last March.

It's hard to put such tactics past Russia considering the country's increasing efforts to emphasize the value of Crimea to its people.

And it's not like Russia would pass up the opportunity to brag about its acquisition.

But Zarring, now a resident of Moscow, is also accused of lying about her natural 34K bust.

Ukrainian beauty expert Oksana Melynk told Daily Mail,

They have only chosen her to rub our noses in it. Moscow is laughing at the Ukraine by claiming one of our own success stories for their own. But in fact she is not even a real woman.

Zarring, however, distances herself from the conflict with Ukraine and doesn't allow it to taint the recognition she has earned on her own.

She said,

I am not interested in politics. I am proud of my boobs, I am proud of my body, I am proud of my title and I am proud of my homeland.

Zarring used to work in marketing but quit in 2011 after winning a wet T-shirt contest, according to Daily Mail.

Russia's celebration of Crimea will soon extend to an amusement park built in the Black Sea peninsula, a move that seems rife with gloating and propaganda as well.

Zarring's achievement came shortly after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin declared that the elected officials of Ukraine's rebel-held territories must make peace with the Ukrainian government.

He said,

The elected representatives of Donetsk and Luhansk regions obtained a mandate to hold negotiations with central Ukrainian authorities to solve problems... via a political dialogue.

Rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko gave no notion of compromise when he presided over the city of Donetsk.

Now, despite many calling the Nov. 3 elections "illegitimate" and the situation remaining contentious, residents hope he will use his new authority as an elected leader to end the ongoing violence in the region.

Photos Courtesy: Facebook

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