Stress, Pollution And Bad Diets May Be To Blame For Rise In Adult Acne

Acne was once considered a trademark symbol of puberty and miserable teen years.

But now, some experts believe stressful lifestyles are leading to an exponential boost in pimpled adults. conducted a survey of 92 dermatology clinics and found there was a 214 percent increase in patients inquiring about acne treatments this past year.

According to the survey results, inquiries about clearing up acne scars jumped 152 percent.

It's not just young people asking about treatment, either: About 35 percent of patients were over the age of 35 while 16 percent were between 35 and 44.

Many of the dermatologists who participated in the study suggested stress and a better understanding of the treatments available as potential causes for more acne inquiries.

Polluted environments and poor eating were also considered likely culprits.

Reports of increasing adult acne cases date back several years. There's even a notable instance in 2012 when the American Academy of Dermatology members acknowledged the "significant" rise of acne among women during their annual conference.

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