Research Shows That You Drink More When You're Out With More Friends

If you've ever been to a happy hour that turned into a total rage fest, chances are you were surrounded by more than two or three of your work friends, right?

That's because the number of drinks you have when going out is linked to the amount of people you go out with, according to a new study published in Addiction.

The study consisted of 200 young men and women from Switzerland, who completed surveys each hour on their phones while out drinking with friends.

The results showed that, as more friends showed up to the bar, study participants consumed more drinks per hour.

The Huffington Post reports this is one of the first studies to collect real-time data from authentic social gatherings.

The information could prove to be more useful than previous studies, which had to recreate the party atmosphere for participants (although after two or three drinks, what's the difference?).

So if you want to have a shot at making it to work on time tomorrow, you may want to reconsider inviting your entire contact list to happy hour. Or not.

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