Redditor Waits All Day In Café To Get $300 Promised In A Stranger's Note

Early last year, Jason Dang embarked on a bizarre journey.

On a day just like any other, Dang found a secret handwritten note left inside a book at a local café.

Put there by an anonymous person, the note was left for anyone to find.

It instructed the reader to return to the café on May 27, 2015 to meet the writer of the note and collect $300.

The note also included a code word to say if the person decided to come back and claim the reward.

Dang photographed the strange message and posted the image to Reddit, and it quickly garnered interest. Over 1,000 users commented on the photo, many speculating as to why someone would offer a stranger $300.

Dang left a response in the book, asking to arrange an earlier meeting with the stranger.

Unfortunately, upon returning in July, Dang's note was still in the book, untouched.

He wrote on Reddit,

 ...I took it out and assumed the original date still stood.

So, he waited. And on Wednesday, over a year after finding the note, the fateful day finally arrived.

Dang arrived at the café when it opened and taped a sign to the bookshelf to catch the attention of the note's author.

And he waited.

Throughout the day, Dang posted live updates on the progression of the strange saga and spent most of his time working on his laptop.

While waiting, he checked out some of the other books in the café.

Throughout the day, several Redditors visited Dang and gave him gifts.

One gave him $10, another gave him gift cards to the café and several sent pizzas.

A website called ScrewAttack even joined in on the fun and gifted the patient patron with a box full of goodies.

At 9 pm, Dang wrote on Reddit the mystery author had yet to arrive, but he admitted,

It's become pretty much a successful Reddit meet up.

He also posted a photo of himself with all the people who kept him company.

After almost 16 hours of waiting, Dang wrote,

Looks like that's it everyone. 11pm Original Note Creator didn't show up. Thank you for all of your support Reddit, and special thanks to all those who have came out and sent us food!

The takeaway: There's no such thing as free money, as Dang painfully learned.

At least he got a good story out of the whole ordeal. Although the question still remains…. Who wrote the note? And why?

We may never know.

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