Quidditch Beer Pong Is Here To Make House Parties Much More Magical (Photos)

Beer pong is so over.

The frat house mainstay just got a seriously badass upgrade, and it's about to change the way college students everywhere shotgun their warm PBRs.

Introducing Quidditch Pong.

A mashup of the Wizarding World's favorite sport (Quidditch) and the pastime of America's youth (drinking), Quidditch Pong is the drinking game to end all drinking games -- and you're about to learn how to play it. You're welcome.

Before we get into game rules, a few things: In order to play, you'll need to buy (or make) Quidditch hoops, Quidditch bats and a golden snitch. Each item is available for purchase here.

You'll also need a handful of your rowdiest Muggle friends and a sh*t ton of beer -- anything works, but we recommend Magic Hat... Gotta stay in the spirit of things.

Once you've rounded up all of your equipment, you're ready to play.

Set up the table.

Set up the table as you would if you were playing regular beer pong -- 10 cups arranged in a pyramid formation on opposite sides of the table. In the center of the table, place the three Quidditch rings side by side.

Pick a “Snitch Cup.”

Move this cup away from the table but not too far where the shot would be impossible to make.

Divide into teams and designate players.

Each house -- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin -- boasts different advantages. Choose wisely. Keep in mind each team of three should have one seeker and one beater.

Kick ass.

Full instructions and rules can be found here.

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