An 11-Year-Old Legend Graduated From College With 3 Separate Degrees


At the age of 11, Tanishq Abraham is a college graduate.

The Mensa member (he joined at age of 4) is the proud recipient of associate's degrees in foreign language studies, general science and math and physical sciences.

FOX 40 reports the Sacramento, California boy was homeschooled for most of his academic career.

Soaking up knowledge much faster than those of his fellows, Abraham whizzed through his classes.

To Abraham, however, college degrees are just part of a thirst for knowledge that comes naturally.

He told KCRA,

Abraham is reportedly the youngest person to graduate from American River College this year, and potentially, of all time.

Like any child prodigy, Abraham ordered a celebratory sweet treat.

The degrees are only the first steps in Abraham's larger plan.

Abraham has already been the subject of a compelling mini-documentary that was released in 2012. He's since delivered a TEDx Talk.

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