President Obama Personally Called Moms On Mother's Day To Thank Them (Video)

On Sunday, three women got the surprise of a lifetime when they answered their phones and found the president of the United States on the other line.

Barack Obama selected the women from letters they wrote to him earlier this year, and he called them on Mother's Day to express his admiration for the incomparable dedication that comes with raising children, CNN reports.

The president, who was raised by a single mother himself, told one mom,

I know how tough it is to raise kids and do right by them, and if it hadn't been for my mother, I certainly wouldn't be here. You are doing the most important work there is.

One of the mothers wrote Obama to praise the Affordable Care Act. Another mother reportedly applauded his efforts to make preschool less expensive and to raise the minimum wage.

The other mom wrote the president to reveal just how hard it is being a single mom of four (and one of her children is a Marine).

Obama thanked the mother for her son's service and assured her she definitely sowed a valuable future for each of her boys.

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