Move Over Six Pack Mom, This Pregnant Weightlifter Is Expecting Twins (Photos)

A while back, we introduced you to Sarah Stage, the pregnant model with a six pack.

If you thought that was impressive, you'll be glad to know she's not the only fit mommy out there.

Sophie Guidolin hasn't let her growing belly get in the way of her workout routine.

Currently, Guidolin hits the gym three times a week and has even returned to lifting weights after sticking to Pilates for the first few months of her pregnancy.

Clearly, her dedication to the gym is paying off. This Australian personal trainer looks so good, you might not even realize she's 26 weeks pregnant with twins.

However, a lot of people have been criticizing this social media fitness star because of a picture she posted online that shows her lifting a 65-pound weight.

Although she was given clearance from her doctor to continue her gym regiment, and she takes extra precaution by exercising under the supervision of her husband, people are giving this hot mama a hard time.

Now, she wants to set the record straight for all of her haters out there.

Guidolin told Daily Mail,

To me, that's not a heavy weight. It all comes down to what's heavy for the individual and what they could lift prior to pregnancy.The pros of exercising during pregnancy definitely outweigh the cons. I really hope that pregnant women understand the benefits of exercising and a healthy lifestyle while pregnant.

Forget six pack mom...

Sophie Guidolin is the newest expectant mom taking over the fitness scene.

This social media star looks better than ever...

Even when she is 26 weeks pregnant with twins.

Guidolin keeps herself in tip-top shape by working out three times a week hasn't let her pregnancy stop her from lifting weights.

She made a few small tweaks to her usual routine.

Guidolin said, "I'm only lifting 50 percent of my usual capabilities, and I'm monitoring my heart rate and taking longer rest periods."

Although Guidolin was given permission to work out by her doctor...

A lot of people have been hating on this fitness guru for posting a photo that shows her lifting a large dumbbell...

But this insanely fit mom wants everyone to know there's nothing wrong with continuing to exercise while you are pregnant.

Plus, she doesn't consider that puny 65-pound weight to be all that heavy.

Guidolin feels, "There are so many myths and so much fear behind working out while pregnant."

It turns out, working out during your pregnancy actually has a lot of health benefits.

Guidolin's flawless physique serves an inspiration to all expecting mothers out there...

At the end of the day, she just wants "women to embrace an active, healthy lifestyle and realize the benefits."

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