Powerful Video Apologizes To Future Generations For The World's State

by Gillian Fuller

Prince Ea is back with another video, this time, in honor of Earth Day.

Titled "Dear Future Generations: Sorry," Ea’s latest is an apology to future generations for our contemporary environmental ignorance.

He imagines the future as one without trees or plants, where the Amazon Rainforest becomes the Amazon Desert, and the oceans are so poisoned, humans can’t swim in them.

In a spoken word poem, he apologizes on behalf of our current generation for letting the destruction go so far.

He says,

But most of all, I’m sorry about our mindset. Because we had the nerve to call this destruction progress.

Halfway through, Ea changes his tune. Instead of apologizing, he suggests ways our current generation -- and future generations -- can care for the planet and prevent this desolate future, which he so vividly imagines.

It’s longer than most of his other videos -- just over six minutes -- but worth every powerful second.

If we all become half as inspired as Ea, we can make a real difference in this planet’s future.