There Is Actually Powdered Alcohol And It Just Got Federally Approved

Powdered alcohol has been approved by federal regulators and could be in stores in just a few months.

According to CBS News, Palcohol is freeze-dried alcohol in powder form that's sold in a pouch.

It comes in several flavors and only needs to be mixed with water to make an alcoholic drink.

Palcohol is also relatively healthy, according to Time. A drink made from one pouch is roughly 80 calories, and the powder is gluten free.

Prices have yet to be determined.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved Palcohol last spring but retracted the move due to labeling issues.

Bureau spokesman Tom Hogue announced on Wednesday that these problems no longer exist, and four flavors of Palcohol have been deemed safe to sell.

These flavors are cosmopolitan, margarita, vodka and rum, with lemon drop expected to follow shortly.

States can impose their own regulations on Palcohol, however, and lawmakers in New York, Ohio, Colorado and Pennsylvania have already tried to ban it.

Mark Phillips, who invented Palcohol, said it will be most useful during events where one would prefer not to be burdened by the weight of large bottles, such as hiking.

But many foresee minors sneaking the powder into public places or using it to spike drinks.

Kids could also misjudge the product's potency or even snort it, but Palcohol's website notes that it takes about an hour to snort the same amount of alcohol in a single shot of vodka.

Plus, snorting alcohol is extremely painful in general.

A statement from Lipsmark, which owns Palcohol, says the product will be available by this summer if production goes according to plan.

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