Woman Opens Cuddling Shop And Gets 10,000 Customers In The First Week

by Emily Arata

Samantha Hess believes in the power of the big spoon.

Hess is a professional cuddler from Portland, Oregon, who opened up the first official storefront for her business, Cuddle Up To Me, on November 15.

Within an average week of business, the 30-year-old woman reportedly receives up to 10,000 email requests for appointments, which she sells in 15-minute intervals.

The space is set up much like popular Japanese cuddle cafes, with four themed rooms equipped with security cameras. Hess charges $60 per hour of snuggling, as do each of her three female employees.

Hess, who's been providing cuddles since 2013, insists the business isn't sexual. Instead, she says it provides lonely people with human contact.

She told Fox 12,

We can customize each session depending on your comfort level. So, I have people who will come in and we won't touch at all. We'll just sit and read together. We're not adult-oriented in any way. We just make people feel loved and accepted for who they are.

If you're feeling run down or stressed out, maybe your next step should be towards Cuddle Up To Me.

Don't be shy — you're only one in 10,000.

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